Sean Knight

Real Name: Sean Knight

Identity/Class: Human ghost

Occupation: Lawyer (public defender)

Affiliations: Kevin Matchstick, Mirth, Edsel

Enemies: Grackleflints, Cromm Cruich

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Mage #5 (Comico, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Sean had all the classical powers of a ghost - incorporealness, fear projection, the ability to enter the "Faerie Lands", life support and a high degree of resistance to injury. Some forms of magical attacks affected him (e.g. Cromm Cruich), while others didn't (e.g. elf-bolts). Sean also had limited precognitive abilities, which were fickle and had the side effect of intense abdominal pain. While fighting Cruich, Sean broke a light bulb, stuck his finger in the socket, and channeled enough electricity to cause Cruich pain. (At the time, Cruich was shape-shifted into human form.) Because he was a ghost, his memory was deteriorating rapidly. He had no memory of his childhood, his youth, or really anything beyond his immediate duties; sometimes he couldn't remember details of the previous five minutes.

History: In the 1950s public defender Sean Knight was gassed to death after a pipe in his house leaked. Failing to pass on to the next plane of existence, he simply continued his routine, seemingly unaware of his spectral status, slowly losing his past memories as he began to fade. By the mid-1980s he no longer recalled his childhood or early life, existing mostly in the moment as he pursued his cases. When Kevin Matchstick was arrested for breaking and entering, Sean was assigned to his case, only to witness Kevin's sorcerer friend Mirth breaking Kevin out. Confronted with what he was, Sean joined the pair and their ally Edsel in the battle against Cromm Cruich, Worm of the Mists, eventually dying a final death defending his friends.

Comments: Created by Matt Wagner.


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