Kevin Matchstick

Real Name: Kevin Linbergh Matchstick

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Monster hunter

Affiliations: Mirth, Sean Knight, Joe Phat, Kirby Hero, Edsel

Enemies: The Grackleflints, Cromm Cruich,

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Pendragon

Base of Operations: Mobile across North America

First Appearance: Mage #1

Powers/Abilities: He is extraordinarily strong and able to endure a great deal of physical abuse without suffering any harm. His exact strength level was hard to determine, as he never really lifted anything large. The best clue came in the panel after he defeated the dragon, Cromm Cruich. Bending down, Kevin flips the 100 foot long dragon over using only one arm.

Kevin is very tough, so long as he has the bat in his hand. At one point Mirth informs him that a 20 story drop would "... only hurt the sidewalk." He has been run over by trains, fallen down elevator shafts, dropped large distances, dragged behind cars and otherwise survived large amounts of abuse with no real lasting effects. His only real weakness is magic, especially that which affects the mind.

Excalibur can be controlled by Kevin even at a distance, and mentally summoned to his hand if he so wishes.

History: Kevin Matchstick is the Pendragon, the reborn spirit of the hero who was once known as King Arthur. Know a time of darkness approaches, and Kevin Matchstick learns that he and other great heroes are being reborn in the modern day to fight of the forces of the night. Armed with Excalibur, which now takes the form of a glowing baseball bat, he and the other heroes seek out the enemies of humanity and try to eliminate them.

Comments: Created by Matt Wagner.


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