Real Name: Edsel

Identity/Class: Human with magical weapon


Affiliations: Kevin Matchstick, Mirth, Sean Knight

Enemies: Rashem, Grackleflints

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Mage: The Hero Discovered #2 (Comico, 1984)


Edsel drives a 1957 Corsair model Edsel and wields a baseball bat enchanted Mirth 'enchants' this weapon, resulting in a bright green magic baseball bat that gives Edsel power "...similar to a cattle-prod...". Later, Kevin picks up the bat, breaking the spell and revealing the weapon to be Excalibur

History: Edsel is the Lady of the Lake to Mirth's Merlin. She recognizes Kevin for who he is immediately, calling him 'my lord' and referring to herself as his "most humble and loyal servant". At first she insists that Kevin should be told everything, until Mirth reminds of the danger this would present. He does tell her that "when the time comes for him to know, you will be the cause of it!". Unfortunately, this cause is her death.

Comments: Created by Matt Wagner.


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