Savage Dragon

Real Name: Kurr

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Police Officer; former despot

Affiliations: Freak Force (Horridus, Rapture, Barbaric, Dart, Superpatriot, Ricochet , Mighty Man, Star), Chicago Police Department, Liberty League (Superpatriot, Might Man, Battletank), SOS (Special Operations Strikeforce), Willie Jonson, Flash Mercury, Alex Wilde, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, She-Dragon, Megaton Man, Invincible, Firebreather

Enemies: R.Richard Richards, Vicious Circle, Overlord, Fiend, Horde, Cyberface, Darklord, Abner Cadaver, Dread Knight

Known Relatives: Angel Murphy (step-daughter), Jennifer Murphy (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance: The Savage Dragon #1 (Image, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and endurance. His thick skin is bulletproof and he heals at an accelerated rate, recovering even from seemingly fatal wounds.

History: Emperor Kurr was the tyrannical ruler of a nomadic alien race which had spent millennia travelling the stars in search for a new homeworld. Discovering Earth, Kurr deemed it suitable, and intended to invade it and kill off the current inhabitants, going against all his peaceful people stood for. To prevent this, the scientists Weiko and Rech erased his memory, then dumped him on Earth before the ship moved on to other solar systems. Found in a burning field near Chicago by Police Lieutenant Frank Darling, the amnesiac Kurr was nursed back to health, and dubbed Dragon by Nurse Ann Stevens. With Chicago being targetted by the Overlord's superpowered Vicious Circle, Lt. Darling seized the opportunity and suggested to Dragon that he use his incredible powers for the public good by joining the police. Initially reluctant, Dragon changed his mind when the Vicious Circle destroyed the warehouse where he had taken up employment. Partnered with Alex Wilde, he fought the Vicious Circle a number of times, as well as encountering various other heroes and villains. He fathered a child with fellow hero Rapture, only to believe the child had died when Rapture went prematurely into labour, and later married the superpowered Jennifer Murphy. However due to time travel and other paradoxes, he is no longer on his original Earth, having moved to an alternate one when his original was seemingly destroyed.

Comments: Created by Erik Larsen.

Larsen originally designed Dragon when he was a kid, eventually using a somewhat different version of him in the self-published Graphic Fantasy, then continuing his adventures in Gary Carlson's anthology Megaton. However when Larsen left Marvel to co-found Image, he reworked the concept considerably (hence this incarnation being listed as first appearing in the Image title).

There was a Savage Dragon cartoon in 1994/95 which lasted 26 episodes. Jim Cummings provided the character's voice.

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