Real Name: Nancy Arazello

Identity/Class: Magically mutated human

Occupation: Civil engineer

Affiliations: Femforce, Sentinels of Justice

Enemies: Psiborg, Mantis-Man, Antaeus, Black Shroud

Known Relatives: Jane Randall(sister) Mary Arazello (sister) Joseph and Maria Arazello (parents) Richard Arazello (brother) Joseph Arazello Junior (brother, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Newark, N.J., Femforce HQ (Orlando, Fl)

First Appearance: Americomics #4 (Americomics, October 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Flight, super speed (Mach 4 at least ) and strength. She also possesses telekinesis, but temporarily loses both her super-strength and invulnerability when using TK (as both are actually psionic in nature)

History: While Ken Burton is attempting to duplicate the magical incantation that created the original Dragonfly (John Gallagher, only seen in one panel), his girlfriend Nancy bursts into the room at the last moment and is struck with the mystical thunderbolt instead becoming the new Dragonfly

Thanks to Mike Murphy for supplying this imageComments: Created and drawn by Richard Levins.

Thanks to Andy Williams for providing information on Dragonfly's origin, powers and true identity. Thanks to Richard Levins for the remaining information. 


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