Megaton Man

Real Name: Trent Phloog

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Crime fighter

Affiliations: Plutonium Pup (sidekick, deceased), the VW Gang, former member of the Megatropolis Quartet

Enemies: Bad Guy, Bulky Guy, Irving the Living Cactus, the Tomb Team

Known Relatives: Stella Starlight (Earth-Mother, wife), Simon (son)

Aliases: The Man of Molecules, Megaton Lad

Base of Operations: Megatropolis, Michigan

First Appearance: The Spirit #7 (Kitchen Sink, October 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength. His goggles grant him x-ray and heat vision. Able to fly.

History: The origins of Megaton Man are shrouded in mystery. Some say he was bitten by a radioactive frog, others that he was a guinea pig in a top secret government megasoldier program (or maybe he was bitten by the guinea pig of a top secret government megasoldier program). In any case, Trent Phloog discovered that he had gained superhuman powers, and become Megaton Man, the Man of Molecules!

Armed with a highly developed sense of justice, superhumanly developed biceps, and a brain that is barely evolved, never mind developed, Megaton Man strides through the city determined to bring evil-doers to task, and usually bringing chaos instead.

His closest associates are Yarn Man, his girlfriend and mother of his child, Stella Starlight (once known as See-Thru Girl, now the heroine Earth Mother), and X-Ray Boy. Due to a mistake on his permanent records, Megaton Man is now repeating his senior year of high school. He was a member of the Megatropolis Quartet for a brief period, but now works with the VW Gang.

Comments: Created by Don Simpson.

Megaton Man has now found out he is one of a long line of Megaton Men, including Golden Age Megaton Man (his grandfather), Silver Age Megaton Man, and Ms Megaton Man.


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