Real Name: Edward Albert Fink

Identity/Class: Human therianthrope

Occupation: Adventurer;
formerly supervillain

Affiliations: ally of the Elementals; ally of Strikeforce America
formerly member of the Destroyers, agent of Saker

Enemies: Holocaust, the forces of Hell

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Nacht Island

First Appearance: Death Duel with the Destroyers; Elementals

Powers/Abilities: Ratman is able to change from human form to that of a humanoid rat. In this form he heals most injuries in seconds, possesses superhuman agility and a small level of superhuman strength, and has claws which can slice through steel.

History: Eddie Fink is a were-rat, who somehow ended up in the service of the villainous Saker. He fought the Elementals for Saker, but when the members of that team were Saker's captives for a period of several months, Eddie fell in love with Rebecca Golden (Fathom). After the Elementals escaped and took down Saker, Eddie approached Becky and revealed his feelings. Though she has never really reciprocated, he continues to care for her, and has been an ally of the Elementals ever since.

Comments: Created by Bill Willingham.

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