Real Name: Rebecca Golden

Identity/Class: Magically empowered human

Occupation: Adventurer;
formerly Socialite (when she was alive)

Affiliations: Elementals, Walker

Enemies: Saker, Destroyers

Known Relatives: Father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Nacht Island, formerly Philidelphia, formerly New York

First Appearance: Justice Machine Annual #1; Elementals

Powers/Abilities: Fathom is composed of living water, able to liquify at will, to generate blasts of water, to travel underwater at high speed without mechanical assistance, and able to manipulate water around her psychokinetically. She is undead, not aging and healing injuries at inhuman rates; she gives off a subtle vibe which makes most non-supernatural beings around her uneasy.

History: Rebecca Golden was the socialite daughter of a rich Jewish businessman. While out on a yachting trip she fell overboard and drowned, only to be brought back by the elemental spirit of water to serve as it's avatar and battle the threat of the mage Saker, becoming one of the Elementals.

Comments: Created by Bill Willingham.

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