Real Name: Lazarus

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic; magic user

Occupation: Sorcerer

Affiliations: The Destroyers, Tommy Czuchra

Enemies: The Elementals

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Justice Machine Annual #1; Elementals

Powers/Abilities: Saker was capable of many incredible feats through his magic; it would be hard to list his powers, as he could accomplish pretty much anything.

History: Saker is the Biblical Lazarus, brought back from the dead by a Holy man (possibly Jesus, possibly someone whose deed was later attributed to Jesus). Abandoned after this miracle, he wandered the Earth , finding that he was unable to die again. As centuries past he became a powerful sorcerer, eventually designing a mystic device, the Shadowspear, to gather and focus supernatural energy. He gathered around him a group of superhuman beings, most of them undead like himself, and plotted to unleash the supernatural forces he had gathered in a storm that would destroy the world. He was opposed, and appeared to be killed by, the Elementals. A year and a half later however, he came back to life, and is now making new plans.



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