Real Name: Sam Pacey

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Sam PaceyOccupation: School boy

Affiliations: Amazing Three, Police Inspector Burke

Enemies: Vogler

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Satellite base orbiting above the U.K.; formerly Newton City

First Appearance: Jackpot #23 (I.P.C., 6th October 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Sam transforms into Oakman whenever any one of the group says or even writes the phrase Rings of Zorr. Oakman is superstrong and impervious to bullets. He can fly and is capable of going into outer space without a suit on, though the ability to survive in space is apparently down to a spell cast by Blue Wizard, rather than his own powers.

As well as having superstrength, Oakman can fly...

...and is bulletproof

History: A criminal on his homeworld of Zorr, the villainous Vogler was sentenced to exile on an uninhabited world, but the ship transporting him was knocked off course towards Earth. Monitoring his journey from the other side of the Galaxy, Zorrian scientists observed three young Earthlings, twins Sue and Craig Travers and their friend Sam Pacey, close to where Vogler had crashlanded. Judging them ill-equipped to fight Vogler, the scientists decided to give them extra powers. Within moments the power transfer was complete, and seconds later the children found themselves encircled by rings of light, while an image of the chief scientist informed them to "just call on the Rings of Zorr whenever you need super powers to fight for good against evil." When Sue queried "Rings of Zorr?" the trio were immediately transformed, with Sam becoming an "Oakman" who could fly. He joined his two friends in forming the Amazing Three, and the group battled Vogler on multiple occasions, only sometimes capturing him but always defeating his schemes.

Comments: Created by Trevor Metcalfe.

Oakman appeared alongside the other two members of the Amazing Three in Zenith: Phase 3, where he was one of the survivors at the end of the war between the Lliogor and the heroes of many Earths.

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