Mind Wars

First Appearance: Starlord#2 (IPC, 20th May 1978)

Appearance checklist (not including reprints): Starlord#2-22, Starlord Annual 1982

Reprinted anywhere?: No

Starring: Arlen Lakam, Ardeni Lakam, Yosay Tilman, Na-Rutha

Other cast: Doctor Varn

Notable guest characters: None

Plot Summary: In the year 3000A.D. the human-dominated Stellar Federation is at war with the mysterious Jugla Empire, who sought brutal control of the stars. The Jugla made lightning strikes against Federal worlds but were swiftly countered by the warships of FISC, the Federal Interstellar Strike Corps, but no matter how many Jugla fleets were destroyed, the war could not end while the Jugla homeworld remained hidden from the Federation. Having occupied Federation worlds, the Jugla knew where Earth was, forcing the Federal Council to keep FISC's strategic reserve there to protect against a surprise attack, but without using the reserve ships, the rest of the fleet did not have enough strength to win overall victory against the Jugla. The Jugla meanwhile cannot get near Earth because of the reserve ships kept there, and while Earth stands the Federation cannot be defeated. And so a cosmic stalemate persisted.

Discovering twin humans capable of being mutated by primary neural irradiation, which would give them extensive psi powers, the Jugla set out to create and harness this possible weapon. Twin brother and sister Arlen and Ardeni Lakam are vacationing with their parents on the agricultural world of Vulcrugon when the Jugla strike. Witnessing their parents dying before their eyes provides the necessary psychic trauma needed, before the Jugla expose the pair to the energies needed to unlock their potential. And so the story begins. But as the Jugla soon discover, creating the weapon and controlling it are two different matters entirely.

Comments: Created by Alan Hebden and Jesús Redondo.

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