Arlen Lakam

Real Name: Arlen Lakam

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: Yosay Tilman

Enemies: Na-Rutha

Known Relatives: Ardeni Lakam (twin sister), unidentified parents (deceased)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Starlord #2

Powers/Abilities: Like his sister, Arlen has massive psychic powers, with telekinesis strong enough to catch a falling spaceship, teleportation abilities, telepathy, mind control, and even the ability to bring someone who has died from oxygen starvation back to life (though admittedly only a few minutes had passed since the man had died). However the power comes with a price; the Jugla are capable of controlling him from across interstellar distances.

History: In the year 3000 A.D. the human dominated Stellar Federation is at war with the Jugla Empire. A stalemate position has been reached - the Federation does not know the location of the Jugla homeworld and so cannot go on a final all-out offensive, instead needing to keep ships in reserve to protect Earth from surprise attack. But without the reserve ships the Federation fleet is not powerful enough to finish off the Jugla. The Jugla meanwhile cannot get near Earth because of the reserve ships kept there, and while Earth stands the Federation cannot be defeated.

Discovering twin humans capable of being mutated by primary neural irradiation, which would give them extensive psi powers, the Jugla set out to create and harness this possible weapon. Twin brother and sister Arlen and Ardeni are vacationing with their parents on the agricultural world of Vulcrugon when the Jugla strike. Witnessing their parents dying before their eyes provides the necessary psychic trauma needed, before the Jugla expose the pair to the energies needed to unlock their potential. And so the story begins. But as the Jugla soon discover, creating the weapon and controlling it are two different matters entirely.

Comments: Created by Alan Hebden and Jesús Redondo.


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