Mega Toby

Real Name: Toby

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Police officer

Affiliations: Mega Mindy

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Belgium

First Appearance: De Snorrenbende, broadcasted 29 October 2006.

Powers/Abilities: Flight (seldom used), teleportation, superstrength, superspeed. To transform into Mega Toby, he has to enter the Capsule in Opa Fonkel's secret laboratory. He has just a limited time as Mega Toby before becoming Toby again.

History: Agent Toby, the erstwhile love interest of superheroine Mega Mindy, briefly became Mega Toby to assist her, but thanks to the Mega Vergetor, a memory wiping gun used on the witnesses and Toby himself, only the Fonkels can remember him as Mega Toby.

Comments: Played by Louis Talpe.

Mega Toby is the mega version of agent Toby (played by Louis Talpe) with powers similar to Mega Mindy, but not unlike Pureheart the Powerful, his mega version is hardly part of the continuity of the series, in the movie he had his only in-continuity appearance. His second appearance was in the Mega Toby Special of the TV-series, in which he is the hero (Free Souffriau was pregnant, so…), but at the end of the Special it turns out that the story was thought up by Mieke Fonkel, and is thus only as a story in Mieke Fonkel’s diary part of continuity of the show.

Profile submitted by Theodoor Westerhof.

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