Mega-City One

Mega-City One is the first and largest of the Mega-Cities which house most of humanity come the late 21st, early 22nd centuries. Home of Judge Dredd, it is a city where every citizen is considered to be a potential criminal. It has with-stood the Atomic War which annihilated most of the Earth, the Civil War between the American Mega-Cities a few years later, a robot revolt, the brutal tyranny of Chief Judge Cal, the madness of Block Mania, the subsequent Apocalypse War, Necropolis and Judgement Day.

Devil's Island (Prog #2) - A giant platform resting amidst several huge highways which were occupied day and night by computer controlled juggernauts racing at 200 mph. Access was only available from the air, which resulted in it being used as a prison by 2099. Whitey was imprisoned here.

Empire State Building (Prog #2) - By 2099 the Empire State Building was a derelict construct, overshadowed by taller, newer erections. It was sometimes used by criminals as a hide-out, as with the time Whitey's gang hid here.

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