Dredd's World

In the 21st century, the nature of law enforcement began to change. Cities started to grow together, until the entire east coast of America was one gigantic conurbation, dubbed Mega-City One. The west coast soon followed, becoming Mega-City Two, with more such megaliths following suit across the globe. The pressure of a dense population combined with low employment due to robots taking over many jobs caused a swift growth in the crime rate. In order to cope with this, police and jury trials began to be replaced with Judges, capable of capturing, sentencing and even executing criminals, all in the space of a few seconds. Then a massive nuclear war engulfed the entire planet, started by the insane U.S. President Booth. Most of the globe was devastated, but ironically the Mega-Cities, armed with sophisticated anti-missile technology, suffered the least amount of damage. The Judges sentenced Booth to a hundred years imprisonment, frozen within the remains of the Fort Knox, and became the defacto new rulers of what was left of America. Survivors fled the radiation and monstrous creatures that were spawned by that fallout, swelling the already overburdened Mega-Cities. To keep the peace, the Judges became harsher, seeking to crush any potential trouble before it escalated out of control. Mega-City One Judges began to be trained from childhood, starting at the age of five, for the thankless and deadly job they would have to do. With high rates of attrition, they began to create clones using cell samples from top Judges, hoping to alleviate the shortages they continually faced. One of these clones would become the greatest Judge of all...Judge Dredd.

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