Real Name:

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Career criminal

Affiliations: His gang (members unnamed)

Enemies: Judge Alvin; Judge Dredd

Known Relatives:

Aliases: Judge Whitey

Base of Operations: Mega-City One (more specifically: briefly hiding out in the Empire State Building, then Devil's Island Prison)

First Appearance: Judge Whitey, Judge Dredd story, 2000A.D. Prog #2 (5th March 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled shot with a laser cannon. Good hand to hand fighter, but no match for Dredd.

History: (Judge Whitey, Prog #2) In 2099, Whitey and his gang are hiding out in the derelict Empire State Building. When they hear a Judge's bike approaching, Whitey takes a laser cannon and shoots him dead. The gang swiftly climbs out onto the elevated roadway, where they identify their victim as Judge Alvin. Whitey is disappointed at this, as he wanted to bag Judge Dredd, but, he boasts, Dredd's turn will come. Then he takes the dead man's badge and helmet and declares himself Judge Whitey.

The gang load the corpse back onto the Lawmaster Bike and send it back to base on automatic, with a defiant note pinned to Alvin's chest. A little later they hear another siren signal the approach of a judge, and once more Whitey readies his laser cannon. But when the bike rounds the bend and comes into view, it is empty. The gang are not the only ones who can set bikes on automatic, and Dredd has used the diversion to outflank them. Taking them by surprise he shoots the rest of the gang dead, then apprehends Whitey after a brief hand-to-hand battle. Whitey is sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil's Island Prison, a huge traffic island surrounded by dozens of highways constantly used by juggernauts travelling at 200 mph. Whitey is thrown out of the flying Justice Department vehicle, and left to shout in vain at the departing Judge as his sentence begins.

Comments: Created by Peter Harris and Mike McMahon.

Whitey's Gang

While holed up in the Empire State Building, Whitey was accompanied by two unnamed members of his gang. Both died in a shoot-out with Dredd. (Prog #2)

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