Real Name: Manix

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Secret agent, assassin.

Affiliations: British Intelligence

Enemies: S.M.O.G.

Known Relatives: When Manix was captured and reprogrammed, a new Manix robot was built to replace him - the two could be considered brothers.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.K., but active worldwide.

First Appearance: Eagle (1983-84)

Powers/Abilities: Apart from being superhumanly strong and agile, one of his greatest advantages was that it was easy to alter his appearance from mission to mission. He was equipped with an internal radio, and could adjust his eyesight to have x-ray vision and microscopic vision. In one strip he chases after a train, accelerating until he is running at over 100 miles an hour.

Manix's outer frame is bullet proof, and he is programmed in the use of a variety of weapons and martial arts. He is capable of killing normal humans by breaking their necks with a single blow.

History: Manix was a robotic secret agent built for government use. Initially the people controlling him used him for immoral means, but eventually his masters were replaced by less ruthless individuals.

The original photo strip look for Manix.Comments: Manix started as a photo strip, before converting to the more standard drawn version.

To begin with Manix was commanded by the ruthless and self serving Colonel Cameron, but later he ended up in the service of Sir William Orville, a.k.a. "O", the head of British Intelligence. Manix' main opponent was S.M.O.G., the Society for the Militant Overthrow of all Governments. At one point they successfully captured the robot and reprogrammed him, so "O" sent a second Manix robot out to retrieve the first.


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