Real Name: Komodo

Identity/Class: Artificially created life-form

Occupation: None

Affiliations: Nocturnals

Enemies: Narn K Enterprises

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Tomb

First Appearance: Nocturnals: Black Planet

Powers/Abilities: Thick skin and superhuman strength. He also used to have wings but his controllers cut them off when he tried to escape for the first time.

History: Komodo is an artificial human-animal hybrid created by Narn K laboratories. He tried to escape couple of times following the example of The Racoon and succeeded on the second attempt thanks to the aid of Gunwitch. He accompanied the Nocturnals in their fight against the Crim and decided to stay.

Comments: Created by Daniel Brereton.

Thanks to Joshua Geren and Vesa Lehtinen for sending in some background details on this character.


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