The Raccoon

Real Name: Procyon Cleanhands

Identity/Class: Artificial human-animal hybrid

Occupation: Former gangster

Affiliations: Ex-gangster with his own gang allied to Zampa mafia family; Nocturnals

Enemies: Narn K enterprises

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Bandit

Base of Operations: Mobile around Peril City

First Appearance: Nocturnals: Black Planet

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman stamina and strength and effective fangs. He is also a good shot with a handgun.

History: Raccoon was the first hybrid to escape Nark K laboratories. As such, he became a hero of the hybrids and his example encouraged others to escape as well. He ended up working for his own gang with the name Procyon Cleanhands until Tony Zampa tried to betray him to Narn K - and their Crim allies.

Comments: Created by Daniel Brereton.

Thanks to Vesa Lehtinen for most of the above information.


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