Judge Death

Real Name: Sidney De'Ath

Identity/Class: Undead spirit animating corpses

Occupation: Dark Judge, slayer of all that lives

Affiliations: The Dark Judges (Fire, Fear, Mortis, the Sisters of Death)

Enemies: Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, Hocus Ritter

Known Relatives: Father, mother, sister (all deceased at his hands)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Deadworld

First Appearance: Judge Death, Judge Dredd story, 2000 A.D. #149 (26th January 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Judge Death is a spirit inhabiting a corpse. The body itself is very difficult to hurt, as minor damage is just ignored. If someone can destroy the host form, say with fire, then Death's spirit can escape and possess living humans (preferably those with some psionic powers of their own) until a new host body can be prepared.

Death's main way of killing people is to thrust his razor sharp fingers into the body of his victim and then squeeze the heart till it burst.

History: Before he became Judge Death, young Sidney De'Ath was already psychotic. He had his father arrested and executed, which got him entry into the Law Academy. While there he executed litterers and divorcees, and it was this hard line attitude that earned him the nickname Death, which he proudly adopted. When he had graduated and become a full judge he tracked down his sister and mother and killed them too.

When the psychotic and obsessive Judge encountered the witches Phobia and Nausea, he saw a means to total justice - complete extermination of all life. All crime is committed by the living, therefore life itself is a crime. Using their dark magic, he had himself transformed into the unstoppable undead Judge Death and along with the “Sisters of Death” and his fellow Dark Judges, he wiped his world clean of all life.

Sidney, before he became Judge DeathOnce that was done, he left “Deadworld” and crossed dimensions to reach Mega-City One. He and his cohorts struck several times, causing great carnage each time, but they were always defeated by the Judges Dredd and Anderson. Eventually the Sisters of Death, now spectral beings, arrived in MC-1 and along with the Dark Judges, they initiated Necropolis - a horror that took the lives of 60,000,000 people.

Necropolis failed and Judge Death soon ended up as the only Dark Judge left free in this world. Inevitably he too was eventually captured. When he got out, he was able to put Anderson in a coma - beyond that, he infected her with a pestilence spirit so that when she woke up a great plague would be unleashed. Anderson, warning herself via a hallucination of herself around during Death’s rise, purposefully remains in her coma. Death went out into the Cursed Earth, slaughtering as he went and deciding that Weapons of Mass Destruction were the way to go these days. Using a bunker full of nukes, he wiped Las Vegas off the face of the Earth before being reduced to a spirit again, whereupon he was dragged into Hell by the vengeful ghosts of all he’d killed.

Comments: There has only been one person Judge Death has decided is innocent enough to let live - his blind landlady, Mrs.Gunderson.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for additional information.

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