Psi-Judge Anderson

Real Name: Cassandra Anderson

Identity/Class: Human with psychic powers

Occupation: Judge

Affiliations: Judge Dredd; the Apocalypse Squad, Batman

Enemies: The Dark Judges (Death, Fire, Fear, Mortis, the Sisters of Death), Kazan; the Mutant; Gargarax, Sabbat
formerly Orlok

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mega-City One

First Appearance: "Judge Death," Judge Dredd, 2000A.D. #150 (IPC, 2nd February 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Anderson is telepathic. She can read minds, including those of the recently dead, and is also able in certain circumstances to attack people mentally. She gets psychic flashes which enable her to sense danger or near future events.

History: Born with psychic powers, as a child Cassandra Anderson was inducted into Mega-City One's Academy of Law and raised to become a judge, charged with bringing law and order in a gigantic metropolis housing hundreds of millions of people all living on top of one another. Part of Psi-Division, and so permitted more leeway for personal foibles than regular judges due to the rarity of their powers and the toll said abilities take on the psyche, Anderson first came to prominence when she helped Judge Dredd, the city's top law enforcer, to capture and contain the extradimensional threat of Judge Death at what appeared at the time to be the cost of her own life, sacrificing herself to become a living prison for then disembodied Death's evil spirit. Ultimately Death was freed by his Dark Judge cohorts, but this also released Anderson too, who with Dredd's assistance again ended the threat of the Dark Judges, albeit only temporarily. In the decades since then Anderson has continued to have a stellar career, proving herself many times over to be among the best Judges her city has ever produced.

Comments: Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland.


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