Israeli Superheroes

For a country which has legally existed for fewer years than superheroes themselves have, Israel has a pretty good crop of the costumed hero crowd. Not speaking Hebrew (and Babelfish not being able to handle it either), my own ability to research these characters has been curtailed by language barriers until very recently. Now, thanks to the kind assistance of both The Israeli Society for Science-Fiction and Fantasy and especially the invaluable help of Eli Eshed, that gap has been bridged. In addition to details about the heroes listed below (and all the images in this section too), Eli kindly donated two additional articles about Israeli comics as well. One covers Hebrew comics in general, the other is specifically about superhero characters.

Hebrew Comics

Hebrew Superheroes

Gidi Gezer

Yoav Ben Chalav




Dan Bar-On

Uri Oan

Rav Sha'anan

The Golem

Mister Ti


HaKoakh HaMaggen


Chavurat Amuflaim

Dina Din


Dror Hagibor

Cochav Shavit

Miki Aanak

Yechadit Hashimshonism

Super Dan

Adiri Atchelet

The Young Detectives




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