Dan Bar-On (Profil 107)

Real Name: Dan Bar-On

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Agent of the Israeli government

Affiliations: Liberty

Enemies: The Bloody Moon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Israel

First Appearance: "Profil 107" Modan (1998)

Powers/Abilities:Dan Bar-On can fly and has superhuman strength.

History: Profil 107 is set in an alternate world where the various governments of the world employed superhumans during the Second World War. Merlin worked for the British, Patriot for the Americans, and Ubermansh for the Germans. The latter two fought in the Italian city of Turino towards the end of the war, destroying most of it in the process. In 1960 the international treaty of San Francisco forbade any government from using superpowered individuals, but both Israel and the U.S. (at least) worked to circumvent this.

Dan Bar-On was Israel's superagent. When the super-powered Palestinian terrorist "the Bloody Moon", armed with Soviet weaponry, threatened to bomb the country, he teamed with the American super-agent Liberty to avert this threat to peace.

Comments: Created by Uri Fink.

Thanks to Eli Eshed for informing me of Profil 107 and providing information. He describes the comic as "something like an Israeli Watchmen".

Dan Bar-On is an alternate universe counterpart of Sabraman. This incarnation has a slightly different origin from his doppelganger - though in his world the governments are creating super soldiers with scientific means, he himself has his super powers "naturally" and with no real explanation, marking him as a kind of mutant. He can fly, among other powers.


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