Disaster 1990 / Invasion

Invasion was one of the first strips to appear in brand new science fiction and action comic 2000 A.D. It was the story of Bill Savage, a truck driver who became a resistance fighter after Britain was invaded by the Volgs, a thinly disguised version of the Soviets. The strip was fairly successful, lasting for the first 51 issues - almost an entire year of adventures. Sufficiently successful in fact that it spawned a prequel, Disaster 1990, about a year later. This time Bill was forced to deal with surviving in a flooded Britain after a nuclear disaster melts the polar ice. Nearly 25 years later, the story of Bill Savage's ongoing battle against the Volgs was revisited, and proved to be a hit once again with the readers.

Bill Savage

Peter Silk

Invasion became part of an established 2000 A.D. future history timeline - the Volg War would continue until robot warriors were used to end it in the early 21st century - the A.B.C. Warriors. Society would be changed by the widespread introduction of robots who would carry out any and all tasks (Ro-Busters). Gladiatorial style games would gain in popularity (Harlem Heroes). Then humanity was nearly wiped out in a nuclear war, with the survivors living in vast Mega-Cities (Judge Dredd). Mutations caused by this war and subsequent nuclear conflicts would result in huge social upheaval, and by the 2170's, almost a century following the first major nuclear conflict, mutants would find "norm" society only willing to allow them to take the most dangerous jobs (Strontium Dog). By the next century, time travel technology (developed in Dredd's time, and in widespread government use by Johnny Alpha's) allows man to go back into the distant past to hunt dinosaurs for food (Flesh). Mankind's obsession with genetic purity would eventually lead to Earth becoming a horrifically insular society, which hated all those who were different, especially aliens (Nemesis).

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