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In the 22nd century mankind, forced to live on processed foodstuffs, has grown hungry for real meat. Using time travel technology, they send men back in time to farm the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs however, have their own ideas about who is the hunter, and who the prey.

Flesh Book One saw disaster overtake the cowboy-like hunters of the Cretaceous period in Progs #1-19. One of the human protagonists in that story, the villainous Claw Carver, managed to escape into the Jurassic Period, where he encountered water-based dinosaurs in Flesh Book Two (Progs #86-99). This would be the last we'd see of the concept until several years later, when The Legend of Shamana would relaunch it in Prog #800.

Old One Eye, the lead "villain" of Flesh Book One, would prove the link to other strips. Her offspring Satanus, killed early on for challenging his mother's dominance, would be revived by cloning technology in Judge Dredd, and then he would go on to turn up in Nemesis. Meanwhile Satanus' offspring, Golgotha, would make an appearance in ABC Warriors.

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