Sir Stanley Harker

Real Name: Sir Stanley Harker

Identity/Class: Ghost

Occupation: Ghost, formerly a sportsman (when he was alive)

Affiliations: Joe Harker

Enemies: Bert and Arnold Swizzle (rag-and-bone men)

Known Relatives: Joe Harker (descendent)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Harker family's ancestral home, unspecified location in England

First Appearance: Lion (strip: The Last of the Harkers)

Powers/Abilities: Sir Stanley was able to create gusts of wind and walk through walls, but otherwise seemed to have no real powers. He once saved Joe from being blown to pieces by a mortar shell fired by Bert Swizzle during an army exercise by surrounding Joe with his "ghostly aura".

History: Young Joe Harker was the last living member of one of England's greatest sporting families. But as time had progressed the family had gradually lost the many trophies and cups it had won over the years, and with the trophies also went the money. Eventually even the family's stately home was at risk of being sold. So Sir Stanley Harker, the ghost of one of his ancestors, teamed up with Joe in order to win enough money to save the ancestral pile, and recover the family honour in the bargain.

Comments: Sir Stanley was not the only Harker ghost - among the others was one called Gaylord.

Other ancestral ghosts who helped out their descendants include Firebrand Frobisher and Marcus Britannicus.

Thanks to Robert Kelly for information about the Swizzles, enemies of the Harkers, and for telling me more about Sir Stanley's powers.

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