Gina Diggers - Gold Digger

Real Name: Gina Babette Diggers:

Identity/Class: "Normal" human (possibly mutant, given her extreme intellect and unusual parentage)

Occupation: Archaeologist

Affiliations: Brittany, Brianna


Known Relatives: Dr. Theodore Diggers (father, archmage); Jade Armsmaster Julia Diggers (mother); Brittany (adopted sister); Brianna (sister, sort of - see below)

Aliases: Gold Digger

Base of Operations: Mobile worldwide, but based out of a massive underground laboratory complex.

First Appearance: Gold Digger #1 (Antarctic Press)

Powers/Abilities: Gina is a super-genius, as witnessed by her extremely early gaining of several PhDs. She oftens employs high tech gadgets she has designed and built herself, including a variety of "Gina-Mobiles" with capabilities ranging from flight, to underwater searching, to urban combat.

History: Gina Diggers' heritage meant she was bound to be a bit unusual. Her parents were the arch-mage Dr. Theodore Diggers, and Jade Armsmaster Julia Diggers, a master warrior from another world. Although Gina herself displayed none of her father's magical talent, she proved to be incredibly intelligent, earning no less than six PhD's by the time she was 1 (in maths, physics, engineering, chemistry, biology and archaeology). Smart as she was, she couldn't relate to other children, and became an isolated nerd.

This changed when she gained an adopted sister, Brittany. Brittany is a were-cheetah, and she helped bring Gina out of her shell.  These days Gina is extroverted to the point of being overconfident; she's pretty and has a hyperactive libido, meaning she isn't afraid to use her stunning body to get guys. She works as an archaeologist, hunting the world for treasures others couldn't find. This has caused some members of the press to dub her "Gold Digger", a name she strongly dislikes.

Gina Diggers is an archaeologist in the Indiana Jones mold. Her adoptive sister Brittany is a were-cheetah, and her other sister began life as a cloned fusion of Britanny and Gina, the result of a science experiment gone wrong. As you might expect from such a bizarre heritage, the three of them have a talent for getting into all sorts of insane trouble, as they hunt for treasure around the globe, and flee from the things they accidentally uncover.

Comments: Thanks to Ryan Hewitt for providing additional background details and clarifications about this character.


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