Real Name: Britanny Elin Diggers

First Appearance: Gold Digger #1 (Antarctic Press)

Identity/Class: Were-cheetah

Occupation: Bodyguard to sister

Affiliations: Gina Diggers; Jetta


Known Relatives: Dr. Theodore Diggers (adoptive father); Jade Armsmaster Julia Diggers (adoptive mother); Gina (adopted sister); Brianna (sister, sort of - see below); Stryyp'Gia (husband)

Aliases: Cheetah

Base of Operations: Mobile worldwide, but based out of a massive underground laboratory complex.

History: Britanny Diggers is the last of the werecheetahs. When she was a baby the entire clan, save her, was slaughtered by the last clan of werewolves. Her adoptive father, Dr. Theodore Diggers, was investigating the slaughter when he found her. With no surviving family, the archmage chose to adopt her. Britanny grew up to be a strong, fast fighter (in hybrid form she can break the sound barrier) and had a constant desire to shop (shopkeepers know her by name), and she is notorius for maxing out any credit card she gets her hands on (though with all the treasure her sister finds paying them off is usually easy). As a werecheetah, Britanny is not able to handle silver without getting severely burned. She can switch between human, cheetah, and a human/cheeath hybrid form at any time. Before being taught how to shift by the werewolf Jetta, though, she could only shift forms once every 24 hours. She is currently married to Stryyp'Gia, the Kryn prince of the city of El Dorado.

Powers/Abilities: Capable of shifting between human, cheetah, and human/cheetah hybrid form at any time. Superhuman strength and speed in cheetah form.

Comments: Thanks to Ryan Hewitt for providing additional details and a more detailed write-up of this character's background.


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