Real Name: Brianna Diggers

First Appearance: Gold Digger #1 (Antarctic Press)

Identity/Class: Clone; fusion of human and were-cheetah


Affiliations: Gina Diggers, Cheetah


Known Relatives: Brittany; Gina (sisters, sort of)

Aliases: Grave Digger

Base of Operations: Mobile worldwide, but based out of a massive underground laboratory complex.

History: Brianna was created in a lab accident. After receving a curse of bad luck in Iran, Gina and Britanny tried to remove it by creating a "soup" of their genetic material. The result was the creation of a combonation of the two that called herself "Grave Digger." Possessed by the curse, Grave attempted to kill Britanny and Gina. As she had the memories of both sisters, subduing her was nearly impossible, and accomplished only when Dr. Diggers arrived and removed the curse. Nowadays Brianna has become the third sister of the Diggers family and shares mixtures of Gina and Britanny's likes and dislikes... As well as some of there other traits... Brianna's libido is not merely comparable to Gina's, it is several times stronger. She has Britanny's love of aggressive physical activity combined with Gina's love of technology. The resulting love of aggressive physical technology has led her to create several types of powered armors, energy rifles, and her own A.I. bit-bombs (known as "Peebos."). She also has Britanny's bad singing voice.


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