Die Fledermaus

Real Name:

First Appearance: The Tick





Known Relatives:

Aliases: "The Flying Mouse"; Die Faintermaus (American Maid's nickname for him)

Base of Operations:

History: Die Fledermaus is the hero most likely to strike a dramatic pose silhouetted against the moon on a City rooftop. Other than that, he tends to hang around most of the day at Ben's Diner with a hot cup of expensive coffee, chat to the press, and read fashion magazines. When it comes to actual crimefighting he is a bit of a coward to tell the truth, although he can be brave when he is given no other option. He tries to be charming, and implies there is a relationship between himself and American Maid, although she tends to deny it. Thanks to an incident when he fainted on her during a battle with the Proto-Clown, she has nicknamed him Die Faintermaus. He has also hit on virtually every other female superhero going (many of them on one single night in the Comet Club), and was rejected by all of them. His best friend among the superhero community is Sewer Urchin, whom he calls "Stinky"; when they are together they push and shove one another and call each other names.

When it appeared that The Tick had been blown to smithereens on the moon mission, Operation Erase, Die Fledermaus decided, at the urgings of American Maid, to take Arthur as his sidekick in an attempt to stir him out of his depression. He taught Arthur what he knew about crime fighting: The look is the key. Striking dynamic poses is essential. Actually fighting crime, physically, is passe. Never do that. Always alert the police first. Never go running after strangers. Arthur quit being Die Fledermaus' sidekick because all they did was look at fashion magazines and hang out at the diner. They never once fought crime.

Powers/Abilities: Able to swing across the rooftops and pose dramatically. He also wears a utility belt were he keeps band aides and quarters for pay phones.

Batmanuel, the live action approximation to FledermausComments: Voiced by Cam Clarke. In the live action TV series the character "Batmanuel" turned up, clearly inspired by Die Fledermaus. I'm not sure why the didn't use Fledermaus instead, but perhaps there were copyright fears over similarities to another company's character.


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