Sewer Urchin

Real Name:




Enemies: Sewer Czar (a former waste manager gone bad)

Known Relatives:

Aliases: Stinky (used by Die Fledermaus)

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Tick

Powers/Abilities: He has many suits of armor, each tailored for a specific function, one heavy duty suit, one extra-padded suit, and one fancy Victorian suit that god only knows what he uses for. When in the sewer, Urchin carries a butter gun and a shoulder strap full of lemons to ward off the giant lobsters that prowl its musty depths. A giant lobster cracker is also handy for those persistent lobsters who don't take no for an answer. Scuba gear is essential when traveling through sewer water, and a self propulsion device on said gear is an added plus. A grappling gun, line, and hook are necessary when traveling through those high areas where water is scarce and handholds are scarcer. Last but not least, probably the most important thing the Urchin uses down in the sewer, a bar of soap, used to fend off filth.

History: Sewer Urchin is one of the City's most prominent heroes. Well, most pungent anyway. Dressed in a lavender suit of spiny armour topped with an urchin-like helmet, and with scuba gear mounted on his back, he patrols the city's sewers seeking crime. He maintains a large apartment down in the depths, paid for using money found lost in the drainage system; in this lair he keeps his spare suits of armour and a variety of weapons. Above ground he likes to hang out at the Diner with his allies Die Fledermaus (his closest friend), The Tick, and Arthur. Unfortunately while he is extremely adept in his element (e.g. underground and under water), he is less impressive on the surface.

Comments: Sewer Urchin is voiced by Jess Harnell


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