American Maid

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First Appearance: The Tick Vs The Idea Men (Cartoon version of the Tick)

Powers/Abilities: American Maid is incredibly athletic, able to jump around rooftops with ease. She is able to throw a mean shoe. She can kick these heels off with sufficient skill to disarm enemies or pin them to walls through their clothes, and like another patriotic hero's shield, the shoes will return to her like boomerangs.

History: Probably the most effective superhero in The City is the patriotic domestic, American Maid...which says a lot about the calibre of heroes protecting the place. One of The Tick's closest allies, she bounds across rooftops in her stiletto heels, using both them and her tiara as projectiles when battle calls. When vehicular transport is needed, she employs her catering truck. She and Die Fledermaus, another of The City's heroes, have a long running love/hate relationship going on.

Captain Liberty, the live action approximation to American Maid.Comments: Voiced by Kay Lenz. In the live action TV series the character "Captain Liberty" turned up, played by Liz Vassey and clearly inspired by American Maid. I'm not sure why they didn't use American Maid instead, but perhaps there were copyright fears over similarities to another company's character.

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