Real Name: E-Man

Identity/Class: Cosmic being

Occupation: Private investigator

Affiliations: Nova Kane, Vamfire, Mike Mauser

Enemies: Brain from Sirius, Boar

Known Relatives: Vamfire (sister)

Aliases: Alec Tronn.

Base of Operations: initially New York, later Chicago

First Appearance: E-Man #1 "The Brain and the Bomb" (Charlton Comics, October 1973)

Powers/Abilities: E-Man naturally radiates energy. He can transform into any form of energy or matter.

History: Millions of years ago, a distant star went supernova. Out of its destruction, a new life form was born, when a packet of energy spat off during the explosion developed sentience. Gradually it wandered the universe, learning and developing its understanding - and with understanding came a desire to find other intelligent life to communicate with. Travelling from world to world, it finally encountered (non-sentient) life on Sirius IV, and figured out a way to duplicate the appearance of that life with its own form. It encountered humanoid life on the planet Orgee, and learned of evil when it witnessed the ruler of that planet's evil activities. Assuming humanoid form for the first time, it (or he, given the form it assumed) helped free the inhabitants from their despot.

Travelling on, the energy being spotted a spacecraft travelling through Earth's solar system. Entering the vehicle, the being copied the appearance of one of the robots on board, but this slight increase in mass caused the vessel to veer off course and crash on Earth. Departing the downed ship, the energy being got trapped in high tension wires and transported along them, until he arrived inside a light bulb around the dressing room mirror of exotic dancer Nova Kane (a.k.a. Katrinka Colchnzski). She released him from the bulb by smashing it, and he took on human form again. He spent the night in her car battery, and the next morning spotted a poster of Albert Einstein in her apartment. When she explained the meaning of the formula E=mc2 displayed on under the scientist's picture, the energy being recognised that it described him well (being the relation between energy and matter), and dubbed himself E-Man. Inspired by comics he found, he developed a costume, and became a superhero. He soon added Mike Mauser and a koala named Teddy to his list of allies. Some time after E-Man made it to Earth, so too did his sister, Vamfire.

Comments: Created by Nicola Cuti (writer) and Joe Staton (artist). E-Man has jumped publishers several times, from Charlton to First to Comico and so on. His latest appearance is a one-shot for Digital Webbing.

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