Mike Mauser

Real Name: Mike Mauser

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Private investigator

formerly petty criminal, soldier, dish washer, cab driver

Affiliations: E-Man, Ms.Tree

Enemies: Boar

Known Relatives: Donald Duke (nephew)

Aliases: Mickey (which he hates)

Base of Operations: originally New York, later Chicago

First Appearance: E-Man #3 (Charlton Comics, 1974); The Detectives, Vengeance Squad, The P.I.'s., The Detectives, Supernatural Crime (Web Comic)

Powers/Abilities: Mike is a standard two-fisted detective. He is a pretty good shot, very tenacious, and eats sandwiches which are so stale they can stop bullets (literally)

History: "My name is Mauser...which is also the name of my pistol. In my profession, it's the only reliable friend that I have. I'm a private eye and this is my story..."

After the suicide of his father, Mike ("Don't call me Mickey") Mauser's family were forced to move to one of the tougher areas of New York. Bullied by the local gang, Mike eventually learned to stand up for himself, earning their respect in the process. Mike joined the gang, falling into petty crime, and eventually was arrested and given a choice - four years in jail or four years in the army. He chose the latter, and was sent to Viet Nam, where he served with some distinction until injuries had him sent home. Unable to find work due to the antipathy for veterans, he eventually got a job as a cab driver through another former gang member. The death of someone close to him finally motivated him to make something of his life, and he studied for his high school diploma and set himself up as a Private Investigator.

Shortly after this he was hired by Nova Kane, the girlfriend of the energy being and superhero E-Man. Nova's friend and fellow exotic dancer Rosie Redd had been kidnapped, but Mike soon found that her captor was mad businessman Boar. Working with E-Man, Mike released Rosie, and then the P.I. offered his new ally a job as his assistant. Mike has continued to be one of E-Man's closest allies (much to Nova's disgust).

Comments: Created by Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton

Mike Mauser's listing at Thrilling Detective.Com

Quoted from the Thrilling Detective Site "Creator Joe Staton claims he based Mauser on Ratso Rizzo, the Dustin Hoffman character in Midnight Cowboy. He was never intended to be anything more than a sidekick/straightman to E-Man, but eventually he began to take on a life of his own. He started showing up regularly as a backup feature in another short-lived Charlton mag, Vengeance Squad, in 1975. Unlike the E-Man stories, though, these were straight-ahead detective tales, on the hardboiled side. No superheroes, no dancing, singing koalas. It was in Vengeance Squad that Mike first acquired a secretary, Bambi Baxter, soon to be replaced by Nova's old friend, Rosie Redd, who in turn was eventually fired for breaking Mauser's favorite coffee mug. His current secretary is Angela Thi Phuong, a Vietnamese war refugee."


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