Nova Kane

Real Name: Katrinka Colchnzski

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Television presenter, geology student, former exotic dancer

Affiliations: E-Man, formerly member of the F-Men

Enemies: Boar, the Battery

Known Relatives: Unnamed father (Blacklung, deceased), unnamed mother

Aliases: Albatross, Jean Beige, Dark Albatross, Black Princess

Base of Operations: initially New York, later Chicago

First Appearance: E-Man #1 (Charlton Comics, October 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Nova is currently a normal human again. When she had her powers she could transform into any form of matter or energy.

History: Katrinka Colchnzski grew up in Barrentown, PA, a mining town. A wild child, she ran with the local motorbike gang, until the law caught up with her and her father disowned her. Leaving town, she moved to the city, and decided to make something of her life. She enrolled as a geology student at Xanadu University, paying her way by working at the Moist Palms Club as an exotic dancer under the stage name of Nova Kane. It was at the Club that she first met the energy being known as E-Man. Finding his human form attractive, she struck up a friendship with him that gradually blossomed into romance. Some time later she was kidnapped by Boar, an energy obsessed businessman, who used her as bait in a trap for E-Man. Tied up next to a bomb, she was blown to atoms seconds before E-Man could free her, only to have her consciousness survive in energy form. Taught how to reform as matter by her friend, she joined him as a costumed adventurer for a while, until she was again kidnapped by Ford Fairlane, a mad comics writer who brainwashed her into believing she was the Albatross, one of his characters. Exposure to one of his devices later stripped her of her powers, at least temporarily.

Comments: Created by Nicola Cuti (writer) and Joe Staton (artist)

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