Real Name: Door

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: ally of Richard Mayhew and the Marquis de Carabas

Enemies: Croup and Vandemar; the Angel Islington

Known Relatives: Lord Portico (father, deceased), Portia (mother, deceased), Arch (brother, deceased), Ingress (sister)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: London Below

First Appearance: Neverwhere Episode #1 "Door" (BBC 1, 12th September 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Door's entire family are "openers" - that is, so long as they have some form of doorway to work with they can create a portal to almost anywhere in that doorway. Locks do not impede them, nor distance. In theory Door can employ her talent to unlock anything, not just doors. At one point Door deals with an attacker by opening his chest and pulling out his heart.

History: Eldest daughter of Lord Portico of the House of Arch, the Lady Door was born in the underside. Her family are famous among the Aristocracy of London Below. When Portico refused to help the Angel Islington escape his imprisonment under London, Islington retained the services of Croup and Vandemar to kill Door's family, and to hound her into fleeing to him for help. He then planned to trick her into doing what her father would not: open the door to his prison. Escaping the massacre of her family, the injured Door encountered Richard Mayhew in London Above. The two become unlikely allies when Richard is robbed of his life above by Croup and Vandemar, searching for the truth behind why her family was killed.

Comments: Created by Neil Gaiman. Played by Laura Fraser

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