The Marquis de Carabas

Real Name: Unknown - may effectively be The Marquis de Carabas

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Arranger; information broker

Affiliations: ally of Door and Richard Mayhew; Old Bailey

Enemies: Croup and Vandemar; the Angel Islington, the Earl of Earl's Court (who threatened to skin him like a kipper)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: London Below

First Appearance: Neverwhere Episode #1 "Door" (BBC 1, 12th September 1996)

Powers/Abilities: The Marquis appears to be able to work some form of magic, but its difficult to define. The most obvious power he demonstrates is the ability to come back to life if killed, by the expedient measure of keeping his lifeforce safe in a small box, which can then be used to revive him after his body is killed.

History: The Marquis De Carabas was an arranger and information broker who dealt in favours and information. He was indebted to Lord Portico, who had saved his life in some unspecified circumstances, and was unable to repay said debt prior to Portico's murder. Perhaps this was why he was prepared to help Door find the truth behind her family's murder, though he still only agreed to do so in return for a "significant favour", an investment for the future. Described as "a little bit dodgy in the same way that a rat is a little bit covered in fur" De Carabas was one of the more colourful inhabitants of the underside. Brash, egotistical and self-serving he is ruthless in achieving his aims. But he was also daring and his dashing but cold exterior concealed a good heart.

"People tell me things, I'm approachable"

Comments: Created by Neil Gaiman. Played by Paterson Josef. The Marquis De Carabas took his name from the fairy tale Puss In Boots.


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