Real Name: Doomlord Vek (the first Doomlord was Zyn, the third was Zom)

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Noxian)

Occupation: Doomlord

Affiliations: formerly one of the Doomlords of Nox; briefly allied to Enok

Enemies: Doomlord Zyn; the Death Lords; Enok

Known Relatives: Enok (son)

Aliases: Eric Plumrose

Base of Operations: Earth

First Appearance: Eagle

Powers/Abilities: Doomlord had several innate abilities, such as being able to shapeshift to pass for human (or even into animal form), and being able to suck knowledge out of someone's brain with a touch, which killed the victim. At the point of extreme duress he could even pass on his life force to a new host by means of a scratch, so that the new host would eventually transform into Doomlord, thus bringing him back from the dead. This was possible even when Doomlord had been dead for some time - the original Doomlord came back to life several years after the host body he had occupied died, when someone was scratched while disposing of the corpse. In addition to all of this, he was superhumanly smart, fast and strong. Also, though it might not classify as a power, his image would not appear on film, although live broadcast seemed okay. He also displayed telepathic abilities on a couple of occasions.

Doomlord also used a weapon in the shape of a ring. This allowed him to fly, teleport, hypnotise people, project beams of energy or most commonly to disintegrate the bodies of those whose brains he had sucked dry. The second Doomlord, although more heroically inclined to favour humanity, had no compunctions whatsoever about killing people, even innocents, in the pursuit of the greater good of the species.

History: Doomlord was an alien sent to Earth to judge if humanity was worthy to live, or if he was likely to destroy the planet, in which case he was to be wiped out to protect the other life forms living there.

The first Doomlord to come to Earth judged humanity unworthy but was killed by a heroic journalist before he could carry out his mission. A second Doomlord followed to find out what had happened to the first one and to continue his mission. This Doomlord judged that humanity was worth saving, but stayed on Earth to steer us in the right direction.

Over the years he faced many threats to humanity. His masters sent the Deathlords, people of his own race who specialised in executing Noxian criminals, to eliminate him. Zyn was resurrected when his life essence was transferred to another, and tried to carry out his original pronouncement of death for humanity. And his own half-human son Enok attempted to wipe out mankind until Vek forced him into a hibernating state; when he awoke he had matured and no longer displayed psychotic tendencies. This proved just as well, since Vek chose this time to revert to type after years of being mankind's protector, and father again battled son, with roles reversed from the previous combat. Enok won, and Vek was killed. A sad end to a heroic career.

Comments: Doomlord told the tale of several aliens from the planet Nox, dispatched in turn to pass judgement on mankind. The first, Doomlord Zyn, failed in his attempt to destroy mankind. The second, Doomlord Vek, ruled in favour of Earth and became its protector. However this judgement was overturned when mankind would not abandon nuclear weapons. Vek went on to defy his masters on Nox when they sent another Doomlord to Earth to carry out the sentence he had refused to complete. For this defiance he was exiled to Earth, where he fought a number of threats to humanity, including more of his own kind, such as the Deathlords.

Initially the strip was refreshing, as Vek, even when being heroic, was totally ruthless in pursuing his goal; the survival of the species outweighed the survival of individuals. To gain information or to make an effective substitution for someone, he would quite casually kill without the slightest remorse.

After several years of living on Earth, Vek decided to create a son, a half human child he called Enok.

While he was hiding out, Vek used the identity of Eric Plumrose, a commercial traveller he had killed soon after he had arrived on Earth. He stayed with the Souster family, who he had hypnotised so they could not see him as an alien.

Doomlord (Zyn)

Real Name: Zyn

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Noxian)

Occupation: Doomlord

Affiliations: one of the Doomlords of Nox

Enemies: Doomlord Vek; the human race; Howard Harvey

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Servant of Nox, Master of Life, Bringer of Death"; P.C. Bob Murton

Base of Operations: England

First Appearance: Eagle #1 (IPC, 27th March 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Zyn had identical powers to his successor, Doomlord Vek. He could shapeshift into any human form, and a variety of animal ones. He could extract knowledge from someone's brain, killing them in the process. He was stronger, faster and smarter than a human. And he could transfer his life-force to new bodies if his own was too badly damaged to survive. He also had a ring capable of disintergrating objects.

History: Sent to Earth to judge mankind, Doomlord Zyn decided the human race should be wiped out to make room for a less destructive species. Luckily for humanity, his true identity had been learned by reporter Howard Harvey, who opposed him. In the end Harvey managed to kill Doomlord, but was scratched by the dying alien. Knowing from experience that this would allow Zyn's spirit to eventually take over his form, Harvey sacrificed his own life, quaranting himself and then commiting suicide by exposing himself to a deadly plague Zyn had intended to use to slay mankind.

Some years later Harvey's body was deemed safe and removed from quarantine. Unfortunately one of the people disposing of the corpse managed to scratch himself on Harvey's nails, and Doomlord Zyn was reborn. Zyn was unimpressed to find Vek had overturned his judgement, and the two battled, with Zyn eventually suffering another, more permanent, demise.

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