Dan Dare's Eagles

Membership: Andy "Zapper" Lawrence, Apsilon Stelth, Tremloc, Velvet O'Neill

Purpose: To hunt down the Mekon

Affiliations: Dan Dare

Enemies: Mekon

Base of Operations: Mobile across interstellar space

First Appearance: Eagle (vol.2, 1987)

History: Faced with the Mekon's threat to destroy the galaxy, Dan Dare determined to build his own team of space commandos. His first recruit was Zapper Lawrence, a boy from the twentieth century with hyper-quick reflexes, and instinctive knowledge of computerised systems. To this he added Apsilon Stelth, former knight of the Palladian Order, now a diseased, dying bounty-man, stalking the galaxy with his energy-bow in search of lawbreakers. Next he recruited Tremloc, a mutant Treen and wanted criminal who was offered a pardon if he would join Dare's crew - the Eagles. The final member of the team was S.P.S. trooper Velvet O'Neill (who as far as I can make out was added so there would be someone for girl readers to identify with and for no other discernible reason).





Comments: Zapper apparently has super-fast reflexes and instinctive understanding of computers; Stelth has tracking abilities; Tremloc's mutation, which was a result of the Mekon's experiments, grants him chameleonic abilities, allowing him to merge with his environment; Velvet was a pilot.


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