The Danger Twins

Real Name: Jet and Jane

Identity/Class: Human technology users

Occupation: Superheroes

Affiliations: Danger Man

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Danger Man (adopted father)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Satellite orbiting the Earth

First Appearance: Beano

Powers/Abilities: The Twins used a lot of advanced technology. As well as their Zoomets, which were subsidiaries of Danger Man's Zoomar, they also utilised a miniature flying saucer shaped "bloodhound" which can track criminals by scent. I don't know what other powers they might have.

History: "Jet and Jane, the Danger Twins, live on a large satellite circling the Earth. At a moment's notice they are ready to fly in their Zoomets - wonderful rocket-machines - to aid any police force in the world."

Comments: I only have one example of this strip, so my information on the twins is limited. If you know more, please get in touch. They are in some way connected to the earlier Beano character Danger Man.

Graham Rounce has written to me to say "I think they were rescued (then adopted?) by Danger Man from a disaster (that killed their parents? They were orphans, anyway). I remember them being thrilled when DM presented them with their Zoomets - scaled-down versions of the Zoomar. (I think they had previously got into trouble trying to have a go at driving the Zoomar)." Thanks Graham

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