Captain Canuck

Real Name: Tom Evans

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Government agent, formerly mountie

Affiliations: C.I.S.O. (Canadian International Security Organization), Lord West, General Sunn, Kébec, Redcoat, Stardance, Utak, formerly the R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Captain Canuck

Enemies: Bluefox, Mr.Gold, the Stygian

Known Relatives: Mike Evans (brother), Saskia (sister-in-law)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Canada

First Appearance: Captain Canuck #1 (Comely Comix, July 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Super-strength, super-speed

History: In the not-too distant future (the 1990's), Canada had become one of Earth's superpowers. Tom and Mike Evans were brothers and inseparable. They joined the R.C.M.P. together, and were later recruited into the specialist C.S.I.O. together. Things changed though, one night when Tom accompanied a group of boy scouts on a camping trip. The boys appeared to get lost, and Tom went searching for them. What he discovered when he found his lost charges was shocking. The boys were pinned by a beam of light coming from an alien spaceship. Tom rushed towards the extra-terrestrials moving in on the scouts, only to be transfixed by a ray which emanated from one of the aliens. The next thing he knew, it was morning and he and the boys were all back at the camp. His memories of the encounter the night before were hazy, like a badly remembered dream, but it soon became apparent his vague recollections were all too real. Somehow he had become twice as fast and twice as strong as he had been before, a development he put down to the aliens' rays.

C.I.S.O. soon became aware of their agent's heightened abilities. Deciding to capitalise on this opportunity, the C.S.I.O. directors and specialists created a costume and code name for Tom, turning him into Captain Canuck, a living symbol of Canadian pride. For Tom this proved to be a bitter sweet moment, as any joy he felt was soon destroyed when his brother Mike was crippled after stepping into the path of bullets meant for Tom. Captain Canuck rededicated himself to making the world safe from terrorists such as the ones who had left his brother in a wheelchair.

After several adventures, Canuck travelled into the distant past; returning from his sojourns, he discovered he had inadvertently altered the timeline. To finance himself in a world without the C.I.S.O., he adapted his real adventures and sold them to a comic company; though he remained active as a hero, he deliberately shied away from the limelight in his new reality. Nearly three decades later, the still youthful Tom learned his comics had inspired at least two people to adopt the identity of Captain Canuck and undertake their own adventures.

Comments: Created by Ron Leishman and Richard Comely.

The original Captain Canuck title premiered in 1975 and ran for 14 issue, plus one Summer Special; a 15th issue, would be eventually released in limited numbers. A new version of the character (Captain Canuck) was launched in the early 1990s, followed a few years later by another Special (Captain Canuck: Utopia Moments); this had two different versions released, with two different end pages. In 2004 a mini-series was released, Captain Canuck: Reborn, debuting a third version of the character (but nicely tying all three Captain Canuck's into the same reality). It's recently been announced that a new Captain Canuck series is in production, starring the original character, and that the character has also been optioned for movies and a television series.

As well as his own comic, Captain Canuck appeared briefly in his own newspaper strip in the Winnipeg Tribune in 1980.

He appeared on the cover of the April 28th, 1997 issue of Time Magazine (Canadian edition).

Captain Canuck website.

Captain Canuck will be taking part in 2008's War of the Independents.

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