Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Government agent, secretly traitor working for the Communists

Affiliations: Communist; falsely faked allegiances to C.I.S.O. (Canadian International Security Organization) and Captain Canuck

Enemies: Captain Canuck, C.I.S.O.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Canada

First Appearance: Captain Canuck #1 (Comely Comix, July 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter, trained in unarmed combat and the use of most weapons.

History: Bluefox was a Communist agent sent to work undercover in the Canadian C.I.S.O. agency. He worked his way up to become the partner of C.I.S.O.'s top agent, Captain Canuck. However his treachery was revealed when the two were sent to help when an Alert base in Northern Canada reported they were under attack from Communist planes. When the two men reached the base, Bluefox struck his partner from behind, knocking him out. Canuck awoke to find himself in the hands of the Communists, and Bluefox revealed his double agent status. When Canuck broke free of his bonds and fought back, Bluefox raced to fire nuclear missiles the invaders had aimed at Canada's population centres. To prevent the deaths of millions of people, Captain Canuck shot his ex-partner dead.

Comments: Created by Ron Leishman and Richard Comely.

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