Real Name: Carmelita Vatos

First Appearance: The Tick



Affiliations: Arthur (boyfriend)


Known Relatives: J. J. "Eureka" Vatos (father)


Base of Operations: J. J. Vatos' big estate

History: Carmelita is the daughter of J.J. "Eureka" Vatos, mad scientist and creator of the moth suit that The Tick's partner Arthur wears. Like that latter worthy, she also has a moth suit which enables her to fly (somewhat more skillfully than Arthur, it has to be said.) She first met Arthur and the Tick when she was being pursued by Swiss Industrial spies who were after her father's notebook and the codes to decipher it. She and Arthur immediately fell in love. The annoyed the Tick immensely, so much so that he got himself a new sidekick, Little Wooden Boy, because he felt Arthur was neglecting his sidekickly juties. Arthur and Carmelita went on a date to the Bistro D'Burden, where she revealed she had been hunting all over the world for him, as the key to the code used in the notebook was hidden in one of the two moth suits - and since it wasn't in Carmelita's, it had to be in Arthur's. Upon discovering this the Swiss attempted to steal the suit from him, only to be stopped by the Tick.

Later Carmelita, Tick and Arthur were swallowed by Blow-Hole, the jogging whale, and came upon J. J. Vatos, who had likewise been swallowed some time previously. They managed to escape by burning Little Wooden Boy (much to the upset of the Tick), causing the whale to cough them up. Subsequent to this adventure Carmelita had her body stolen by Professor Chromedome, who swapped minds with her during the Mad Scientist Convention, when she interrupted his attempt to steal her father's new Mind Swapping device. More minds were swapped, leading to great confusion, before finally everyone was restored to their rightful bodies and Chromedome was vanquished.

The Tick actually likes Carmelita, but feels she has curves in the wrong places, smells nicer than Arthur and distracts same by wanting to kiss, a very non-sidekick thing to do. Carmelita for her part thinks it is sweet of the Tick to look out for Arthur so much.

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly using her moth suit. Carmelita usually carries around some of her father's other inventions with her, which can sometimes come in handy in emergencies.

Comments: Carmelita's voice for the cartoon was provided by Jennifer Hale


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