Real Name: Arthur (surname unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Formerly an accountant at Wiederspahn and Wong; now sidekick to The Tick

Affiliations: The Tick (partner); Dwayne (his teddy bear and main confidante); Carmelita (girlfriend)


Known Relatives: Dot (sister)

Aliases: Steve Hohenzollern

Base of Operations: Arthur's apartment, The City

First Appearance: The Tick #4

Powers/Abilities: Using his moth suit, Arthur can fly.

History: Arthur was once an accountant for Wiederspahn and Wong. He had worked for the company for many years when he attended the estate sale of eccentric millionaire inventor, J. J. Eureka Vatos. While there he bought a strange moth suit, which he discovered he liked wearing. Really liked wearing. In fact he found the suit, complete with its ribbony, rabbit-ear-like antennae and a backpack with collapsible wings for flying, so comfortable that he was soon wearing it to work; in fact he almost never took it off. His employers were patient people, but Arthur's eccentricity began to make the other employees nervous, so eventually, after fifteen years of service, the company let him go.

Arthur didn't really care about this, as ever since he purchased the suit he had begun to be overcome with a desire for adventure. With time on his hands, he decided to become a superhero; not long after this he ran into The Tick, and became his sidekick. After encountering the daughter of the man who invented his suit, Carmelita Vatos (who also wears a moth suit), he fell in love, and the two have been dating ever since.

Arthur in the short-lived live action Tick seriesComments: Voiced by Micky Dolenz in season 1 of the Tick cartoon, and Rob Paulsen the rest of the time


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