Real Name: Blow-Hole

First Appearance: The Tick





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: In 1985 a gigantic sperm whale equipped with arms and legs, and wearing a set of overalls, leapt from the Pacific and began to jog across America to the Atlantic, understandably drawing a lot of media attention on the way. He was christened Blow-Hole, and became a much loved celebrity, even though he did accidentally swallow at least one person, mad scientist J.J. Vatos (likewise trekking across the country), en route. The whole run took him a week, during which time he did not stop for rest; well wishers saw him return to the ocean and that seemed to be the end of it.

Until ten years later he returned, this time coming out the Atlantic and heading for the Pacific. Vatos' daughter, accompanied by her superhero boyfriend Arthur and his partner the Tick, decided to find out Vatos' fate, and were likewise swallowed. In the belly of the beast they discovered the scientist still alive, and having done this, they formulated a plan to escape by getting Blow-Hole to cough. They sought to light a fire in his gut in order to generate smoke, but the only wood available was the Tick's new sidekick Little Wooden Boy. With much sadness, the Tick sacrificed his wooden friend, and the four escaped. Blow-Hole himself didn't even seem to notice.

Powers/Abilities: Blow-Hole is a giant whale with legs and arms instead of fins and tail. He wears a giant pair of overalls and he always seems to have a halo of seagulls around his head. The whale has great endurance, able to jog across the country nonstop from sea to shining sea, and he is always accompanied by maritime-type music. One can always tell when Blow-Hole is coming because his footsteps are powerful enough to shake the ground and you can hear him from a mile away.



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