Captain Pugwash

Real Name: Horatio Pugwash

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Pirate

Affiliations: Crew of Black Pig (Master Mate, Tom the Cabin Boy), the Doctor

Enemies: Cut-Throat Jake

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across the seas

First Appearance: Eagle Vol.1 #1 (Hulton Press, 14th April 1950)

Powers/Abilities: Pugwash is a somewhat competent pirate.

History: Captain Pugwash was the amiable pirate captain of the Black Pig, leading his crew (and wife) in search of treasure. His arch enemy was Cut-Throat Jake of the Flying Dustman.

Comments: Created by John Ryan, Pugwash initially appeared in Eagle, but was soon dropped as editor Marcus Morris thought he was aimed at a younger audience than those the Eagle was trying to appeal to. Ryan replaced Pugwash with Harris Tweed, Extra Special Agent, with Pugwash's last appearance being in issue #19. However, when Ryan was subsequently asked to produce a strip for the Radio Times, the BBC's television listings magazine, he revived Pugwash there to much greater success, which in turn led to Pugwash appearing in both books and cartoons over the next few decades.

Pugwash as he first appeared

Mrs. Pugwash

While appearing in Radio Times, he encountered the Doctor.

Having become an iconic British character through his two television series, Pugwash was shown attending a conference of famous fictional pirates in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

From left to right: Captain Clegg, Long John Silver (and parrot, Captain Flint), Captain Blood (back), Captain Pugwash (front), unknown (gaunt face, back), unknown (in shadows, back), Tom the Cabin Boy, Captain Hook, unknown (jacket, front), Captain Pissgums

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