Real Name: Peter and Robert Trent.

Identity/Class: Peter normal human; Robert human mutate

Occupation: School boys

Affiliations: Each other

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: On the run across the U.K.

First Appearance: Eagle #100 (February 18th 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Bob has got heightened strength (Peter estimates it to be four times what it used to be, but how accurate this estimate is is open to conjecture). Bob also has ape-like agility. His ability to communicate has been reduced, and possibly also his intellect, although he is still capable of reasoning and somewhat slurred and slowed speech.

History: Peter and Robert Trent were twin brothers. When they were twelve year old, the family set off for a holiday, but on a coastal road their family car was struck by a nuclear waste disposal truck after it skidded on a patch of oil. Both adult Trents died in the collision, but Peter was thrown clear and rushed to Fenscale General Hospital, where he was found to be mostly unhurt. Finding no sign of Robert, the authorities searched the coast hoping he too had been thrown clear, but that night Peter had an unexpected visitor in hospital, when an ape-like creature burst in through the second storey window. Peter's initial panic was swiftly stopped when the creature spoke, identifying itself as Robert. Recognition of the tattered clothing it was wearing convinced Peter his visitor was telling the truth - somehow exposure to leaking nuclear waste had transformed his brother. Hospital scientists soon theorised that gamma rays had caused a cellular degeneration, transforming him into his devolved state. Fearing that the doctors at the hospital only wanted to experiment on Bob, not cure him, Peter led his brother in escaping the hospital and the pair went on the run as they tried to locate a cure.

Comments: Created by Scott Goodall and Vanyo.


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