Brian's Brain

Real Name: Brian's Brain

Identity/Class: Computer

Occupation: Computational crimefighter

Affiliations: Brian Kingsley

Enemies: Jack Frost, Animal Man, Denby, Stockton

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Smash! #1 (Odhams, 5 February 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Brian's Brain is superintelligent . It is also telepathic and can sense imminent danger.

History: Brian Kingsley's father is a top scientist who has created a supercomputer in the shape of a human head. He gives it to his son, who dubs it "Brian's Brain". When his father is kidnapped by agents of the mad scientist Jack Frost, Brian and the Brain (which he pushes around on a trolley, or, when needing to keep it hidden, carries around in a cardboard box) set about rescuing him.

Professor Kingsley with his creation.Comments: Created by Bert van de Put, Brian's Brain ran in Smash! from issues 1-15 (5 Feb 66 to 14 May 66), and then returned for issues 93-162 (11 Nov 67 - 8 Mar 69). Having faced Jack Frost in the first run, Brian and his Brain went on to take on the Animal Man, who could control any animal (presumably that Animal Man is not this one) in the second run. In the original run van de Put did the art; in the second run, Barrie Mitchell did the honours.

Brian's Brain turns up in Albion, one of the prisoners of Warden Eagleton's superhero gulag, but trusted to run many of the prison systems.

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