Real Name: Brian Reace

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Secret agent, former US Marine

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: USA

First Appearance: Bloodfire #0 (Lightning Comics, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and agility. Flammable blood.

History: After US Marine Brian Reace was wounded in combat, the dying soldier was given an emergency transfusion of an experimental Super Enhancement Formula, which not only saved his life but transformed him into a superman with flammable blood. Despite also unfortunately becoming HIV Positive, Reace took a commission from the President to become the government operative Bloodfire.

Comments: Created by Steven Zyskowski and Terral Lawrence.

Caine Dorr informs me that it was actually an attempt to cure his AIDS that gave him his powers. As I'm not too familiar with the character, I can't say for sure which of the two slightly different accounts is accurate, so if anyone else can confirm, it'd be appreciated.

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