The Blood Syndicate

Membership: Fade, Flashback, DMZ, Masquerade, Boogieman, Wise-Son, Tech-9, Third Rail, Dogg, Brick House, Kwai, Aqua-Marie
former Holocaust

Purpose: To provide mutual protection and get revenge on those who mutated them.

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Base of Operations: Dakota City

First Appearance: Blood Syndicate #1 (Milestone)

History: The poorest and most crime-ridden neighbourhood of Dakota City is Paris Island. Gangs were commonplace, and turf wars a regular occurrence. So much so that eventually all the local gangs agreed to settle things once and for all, at an intersection of the three main gang's territories, a spot they termed "Ground Zero". This "Big Bang" was no secret, and when more than five hundred gang members converged that night, armed and ready, everyone in the area, police included, knew what was going down. Even the Mayor of the city knew about it, and she had decided to take advantage of the unique situation and mark herself as a "tough on crime" candidate for the next elections. Once everything started she had ordered the police to release a special tear gas containing a harmless radioactive marker, which would allow them to track any gang members who got away for days afterwards, and then they'd move in on the gangs in force and apprehend as many of them as they could. By morning the vast majority would be incarcerated, and the stragglers could be chased down and picked up over the next few days.

Things went hideously wrong. The gas killed over ninety percent of the people exposed to it, with the survivors either being hideously mutated into monstrous forms or gaining superhuman powers. Those survivors became known as "Bang Babies"; to the world at large the deaths were put down to gang violence.

Several of the surviving gang members banded together for mutual protection and perhaps, one day, the chance to get some revenge for what had been done to them. Each was probably the last survivor of their respective gangs, but together they formed the Blood Syndicate: Fade, Flashback, DMZ, Masquerade, Boogieman, and Wise-Son. Holocaust was also a member to start with, before striking out on his own, and others have come and gone as time has passed.

Comments: Written by Ivan Velez, Jr. with art by Chriscross.

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